I give you the most cordial welcome to our Kingdom Training Center website. Our site has been created to be a distribution hub of resources for the people that we are developing in the USA and in different parts of the planet.

We are building the saints to be a kingdom Community with apostolic characteristics, located in a certain place to express the principles, values, philosophy, lifestyle, and patterns of the kingdom of God. We understand that we are the church, the temple of the Holy Spirit, that we are called to be conformed to the image of the Son of God, to be his substance, to manifest the manifold wisdom of God and to announce his virtues in the earth. It is in this time that God is reforming the church according to the original design to manifest his architecture, understanding that the architect and constructor of the city (church) is God.

God is edifying his architecture, the same as has been configured in the heart and mind of those that have been called to perfect the saints. Because of this, God moves through activators of his purpose in the earth, of the same form that he has very particularly in certain seasons in the framework of time in history. This can be observed in the ignition of the great advance of the kingdom of God when a revelation of the justification by faith came to the spiritual understanding of Martin Luther. Since that century, XVI, God has moved in a fresh and renovating manner, using a man to challenge the governors of darkness (babylonian religious system of the pope and his collaborators) that maintained the church under the authority of fear, threats, and condemnation.

The Reformation movement was succeeded by that of holiness in the time of the Wesley brothers so that later came a dimension of God in great magnitude and in greater scale in the 20th century in Azuza street: The Pentecostal movement.

All these prior movements are the platforms that have carried us to what today we identify and we recognize as a movement of the reformation of the church through the apostles.

Now we can say that these various genuine movements of God in the planet were essential, because they have given us a more extensive view of his purpose and character for his singular demonstration and of greater impact. God himself is moving to a level of greater revelation, and demands a new structure to replace the prior one that has become obsolete, stiff, inflexible, corrupt and irrelevant for a genuine expression of himself in the church.

The new things of God are distributed and administered in different seasons. In this new season we are acquiring a culture and way of thinking that characterizes us as the sons of God to be functional in his kingdom, in his will. Our faith is being increased to be capable of doing and to culminate what God speaks.

Wladimir Z. Cardenas